Web Design, graphics, video, motion graphics

Captivate Collective

Captivate Collective, founded and operated by Liz Richardson and Deena Zenyk, help accelerate growth with bold engagement strategies that motivate and activate customers at all stages of their journey—from acquisition to advocacy.

Website redesign

Captivate is an organization on the rise, and to accelerate their rise they needed a website. I helped them from start to finish to create a unique, engaging website they could use to help spread the word.


The homepage needed to be an experience. Bringing any visitor into the mind of the founders and what they represented.

Program and services pages

With a wide range of services, I created several unique layouts to be used across different items.

Video and graphics content

Another project the Captivate team undertook was a huge campaign in order to create some attention for the brand and their offerings.

With a fairly unique angle, we dove into some interesting concepts with motion graphics, video, and other imagery.

I even had a little fun doing some VO.

The campaign ran on the Influitive platform, so each "challenge" had an accompanying image to go along with it.