Graphics, Motions graphics, & video

Influitive design work

4 years of learning

Through 4 years at Influitive in roles ranging from technical support to customer launch consultant to design lead for one of our internal products, I made sure to learn.

Events posters, CEO videos, internal team logos, custom HTML and CSS for clients’ programs, customer interview videos… The long list of tasks only someone working at a startup could sink their teeth into.

Much of the content has been lost to the ether over the years, but a selection of it still lives.

Influitive HERO awards

Every quarter, we award one employee the "Hero" award to recognize their efforts during their tenure and this quarter in particular. There are several prizes for winning this award, one of which is a personalized poster commemorating your status as a hero.

These were definitely a highlight for me to work on, and the team members loved receiving them. I always made an un-branded version for the winners' personal use.

Team Logos

Some dev teams had very... specific ideas in mind for what they wanted their team names and logos to represent.

Motion graphics

We had a brief fooray into "how can we animate the Influitive logo". I was traveling at the time, so only had time to throw one quick option together, but I still think it was fun.

Events galore

With company-wide events happening every quarter, lots of opportunities for posters and announcement images came up.

Print and digital documents