Influitive UX/UI

Influitive customers are able to achieve a multitude of business objectives through the platform by requesting their advocates—most vocal and positive customers—to participate in activities that amplify their organization’s efforts. Influitive's customers can ask their advocates to provide product feedback, hand-raise for a conference speaking opportunity, be a reference on a sales call, and more. Providing these opportunities—at scale—is the core of Influitive's offering.

The user challenge

Administrators of Influitive programs have a wide range of day-to-day responsibilities. Writing copy, creating captivating imagery, communicating with advocates, strategizing future initiatives, and even ensuring the rest of their organisation is gaining visibility on advocate insights and questions.

While rewarding and exciting, it can be extensive. I wanted to alleviate some of the pressure those admins feel.

This would make these admins less likely to drown in their work, giving them a greater chance to showcase their creativity and engage with their community of advocates in a substantial way—no more treading water every day.

However, I had to focus on a single, common issue admins were facing—nothing earth-shattering, one single feature or issue to reduce admin burden.


In my initial research, I found a commonly used feature that hadn't seen any kind of UX or UI updates in years. I reached out to ask admins about their concerns, usage, and desires for the feature. I was fortunate enough to join a few of those admins at their own events to see their use of the feature in the real world.

Results & questions

While the project was always going to be a back-burner concept, I wanted to challenge ourselves to build something bigger and better than was currently available without ripping down the entire code-base and starting from scratch.

I ended up with a functional prototype to showcase the direction I could push the product.

The first steps

I did my best to go into the process without bias—zero assumptions on which features I thought needed changing. I spoke to our power-users about their workflows and most common time-sinks. The answer was both surprising and consistent—the "approvals" flow was a menace, especially on mobile.

Most aspects of the admin tool weren't designed with mobile in mind, as the demographics shoId the focus wasn’t necessary.

But for admins running events or simply on-the-go, a mobile-first experience for “approvals” would have been invaluable.

Reinvent or refine?

Going for a complete overhaul is always the more enticing route. But, we were hoping this little project could be really merged into the live environment someday—so I reduced my scope to precisely what I could ensure admins needed, and nothing more.

Once I had my scope, the ideation began. I focused on reducing the number of clicks/taps admins needed to complete a task, and ensuring this flow was actually possible on mobile (which at the time, it really wasn’t).

Niche solutions

This project’s prototype isn’t something you’re going to see in your standard UX/UI exercises—I wanted to try and sink my teeth into a genuine issue and find a genuine solution.

What I came up mirrored the desktop flow very closely, but ensured a mobile-first lens was placed on the features which already existed.

While the concepts never saw the light of release-day—I began working on the problem right before the pandemic, when product focus inevitably shifted—I’m still very proud of the project as a whole. Even without a launched product, we gained valuable insights into our customers’ needs and I got to sink my teeth into Figma’s early prototyping features.

The big, the small, and the other

While this was the most comprehensive UX/UI project I undertook at Influitive, I worked on several others as well. Updated sign up and sign in flows to ensure better accessibility and account recovery standards, simplified alerts and admin dashboards, and other small updates to icons and UI elements.